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VN Game Den - Feedback

VN Game Den would like to know your feedback on our website! While we've covered news, reviews, and most recent interviews, we'd like to know what you think we're missing!

This questionnaire can be completed anonymously unless you would like to provide your email at the end for us to gather further information from your responses.

There are 9 questions in this survey.
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What's your favorite visual novel genre(s)?
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Please list some of your favorite visual novels!
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What kinds of content would you like VN Game Den to cover? This could cover further reviews, interviews, other article types, etc.
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How satisfied are you with the content that VN Game Den has been publishing?
Interviews with Developers
Articles about Visual Novels
Visual Novel Reviews
Kickstarter Coverage
Game Jam Coverage
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Please elaborate on your ratings. Promise we can handle the truth.
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Now that we know what you think about our content, we'd like to know how frequently you'd want to read it!
Developer Interviews
Game Jam Coverage
Community Discussions
Budget Bytes
Kickstarter Campaign News
Developer Focused Articles
Top 5 and Top 10 Listicles
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Is there anything else you would like VN Game Den to know?
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